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Hi everyone,

Welcome back!  How was your weekend?  It was a productive one at Clutter Headquarters.  We completed almost all of our errands (including an overdue-haircut), enjoyed the nice weather, and I finally went on my first bike ride of the year yesterday.  It was nice to get out there for a little bit, even if it left me spaghetti-legged for the rest of the day.  So, that was fun, but now a new week awaits us.  There's only one thing we can do in a situation like this.  Help yourself to a nice medium iced DD, and let's clear out some Monday Clutter.  (I guess that's really "two" things we can do in a situation like this, but you get my point.)

The Boston Bruins are in a must-win situation tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks.  The B's are down 3-2 in the Stanley Cup finals, and they'll have to find a way to even the series with or without Patrice Bergeron.  Let's see what you've got, boys!

The Boston Red Sox couldn't get out of Detroit fast enough after dropping three out of four games to the Tigers.  There may have been a bad call by the umps in yesterday's 7-5 loss, but the Sox did themselves no favors with shaky (at best pitching) and an inability to drive in runners on base.  The Sox have today off, so hopefully they can regroup and start a new winning streak, beginning with the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday.

Okay kids, don't forget that tomorrow is the special election for Secretary of State John Kerry's now-vacant U.S. Senate seat, so do not forget to vote.  Do not think that this contest is a done deal.  Do not find another excuse not to get to your polling location tomorrow.  The contrast is clear.  Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez doesn't support a woman's right to choose, he opposes common-sense gun control measures, and he believes the top 1% of this country is already paying their fair share.  He will tell you that he is a "new kind of Republican," which these days means he's more conservative than your father's GOP.  He doesn't represent the values of Massachusetts voters, and we can not hand U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell another vote.  Ed Markey stands with Massachusetts voters, and we need to stand with him.

Is today the day that the U.S. Supreme Court upholds/rejects/completely avoids the question of marriage equality?

Clutter hasn't got the slightest idea what the stock market will do this week.  If it goes up, that's cool.  If it takes another serious hit, we have a little spare cash to throw into the pot.  Either way though, this is no time to be bailing.

Just in case you were worried, it's official:  Twinkies will make their triumphant return next month.  Clutter doesn't know anyone who eats these chemical marvels, but we have no doubt that even once the zombies take over, Twinkies will still survive.

Will outlive us all.  (pic via

I have friends who are already eagerly using Instagram's new video feature.  Will this be the end of Vine?  I don't use either of these sites, so give me the scoop, Clutterheads.

Now I'm bored with this Doc Rivers - LA Clippers saga.  (Update: Which is now apparently a done deal.)   Can someone tell me who the next coach of the Boston Celtics will/should be, and if there's any reason for me to be excited about that?

Look out Japan, here comes Van Halen, and with a 27-song/ 2h 20 min set, they're not messing around.

Clutterheads, what are the chances that this movie about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is any good?  Does it have potential, or does the fact that it stars Ashton Kutcher destroy any chance of that?


The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is now less than five months away, though that still seems like an eternity.  Fortunately, the next Doctor Who Revisted special is next Sunday, and I can entertain myself with this review of the sixth Doctor's era in the meantime.  Really, how did people pass the time before the invention of the Interwebs?

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  I think we'll take a trip in the way-back machine and have Van Halen take us out with one of their classic performances for today's, "Song of the Day."


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and we'll see you again real soon.  For now, that's today's Clutter, and as the wise man once said, we are outta here.


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