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I woke up this morning to find out that one of the Boston Marathoners Marathon bombers was killed last night, and the other one is on the run.  There's a massive manhunt going on right now.  The MBTA has been closed, and BDH, Little Buddha and I are stuck at Clutter Headquarters for the time being.  All I can say right now is how angry I am, and I hope they catch this guy soon.  In the meantime, here's what was originally going to be today's Clutter.

"And this time next year, on the third Monday in April, the world will return to this great American city to run harder than ever.. to cheer even louder for the one hundred and eighteenth Boston Marathon. Bet on it!"

            --President Barack Obama, April 18, 2013

 Let's clear out some Clutter.

President Obama, Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino each gave moving speeches at an inter-faith event event in Boston yesterday.  The spirit of the city is perhaps best shown by Mayor Menino getting out of his wheelchair and standing up on his broken foot to give the his comments and sow that nothing and no one is going to stop Boston.

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the 35 people who were killed as a result of an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas on Wednesday.

If you apologize for making an anti-Semitic comment by making another anti-Semetic comment, have you really apologized?  Survey says....not so much.

The FDA says it needs more money.  I'm good with the agency responsible for making sure our food and drugs are safe having all the money they need to do the job correctly.  No problem with that at all.

David Ortiz says he's ready to rejoin the Red Sox today, so let the slugging begin.  Between the return of Big Papi, and the return of the Red Sox to Fenway Park for their first home game since Monday, I expect tonight to be an emotionally-charged scene, especially when they all see this:


May it help everyone there, as well as the rest of us watching it on TV.

 In case you missed it, the singing of the national anthem before Wednesday's Boston Bruins game was a powerful moment. 


I'm honestly sorry to hear that New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will be out until after the All Star break now because of a new crack in his already-damaged left ankle.  I take no pleasure in anything bad happening to Jeter anyway, and I can't even get into the mood to crack a joke about the Yankees as a team right now after their classy actions on Tuesday.  Here's to a speedy recovery.

Here's a quick quiz:  Do new pictures of Matt Smith and David Tennant together filming the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special make me smile?  Why yes, yes they do.  Congratulations to everyone who answered that correctly.

Tennant smith 50th
Much more of this, please.  (pic via

RIP, Storm Thorgerson, the man responsible for the iconic album cover for The Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd.

Apparently there are some problems with the online relaunch of the soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.  Prospect Park, the company trying to bring these shows back online, is suing ABC for $25 million to trying to sabotage the prospect.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but among other things, Prospect Park is upset that the network hasn't been playing nicely with some of the OLTL characters they leased from the show, including having killed two of them off in their first episode.  On the one hand, I can see how that's "a problem," but no one ever really dies in soap operas.  Have another character claim the whole thing was a dream, or it happened to their twins (there's always a twin), and move on.  I hope this gets resolved in a productive fashion.  I'm fascinated to see if this experiment works.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  What a week.  What a frigging week.  We need to close things out on a positive note.  We need to close things out on an energizing note.  We need to close things out with the Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen singing today's, "Song of the Day."  Yeah, that's what we need, and it goes like this:


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you, as always.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and we'll see you back here again soon.  For now, that's today's Clutter, and we are outta here.


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