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Hi everyone,

Happy Monday!  I know I said our posting schedule might be changed, but start a new week and a new job without sorting through at least a little randomness first?  Not a chance.  BDH and Little Buddha are still sleeping at Clutter Headquarters, but grab yourself a nice medium DD, and let's clear out a little Monday Clutter.

We've got about 24 hours to go before the MLB trading deadline.  Are the Red Sox planning to do anything?  Honestly, just find someone willing to trade for Josh Beckett, and we'll call it a good deal.  Whoever, wherever, for whatever.  Anything after that is a bonus.

The Mitt Romney Adventures continue.  The good news is that he didn't manage to offend all of Israel on his first day there.  The bad news is that he had to spend the day backtracking from his aide's suggestion that he supported a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.  Remind me again, the point of this trip is what, again?

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, Mittens refuses to answer whether he's ever paid less in taxes than the 13.9% on his 2010 return.  He must have hit a low single-digit % rate to be willing to take all of this criticism about not being straight-forward with his finances, as all of the presidential nominees have done since his own father started the practice 40 years ago.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney finally weighs in on Sarah Palin, saying John McCain made a mistake in picking her to be on the ticket with him.  Has no one told Cheney that was four years ago?  This is awkward.

A new Doctor Who trailer will be released on Thursday!  I can't wait.

Congratulations to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack on Saved by the Bell,  on getting married again.  I just don't understand why he didn't get hitched to Tiffani Thiessen, who played his girlfriend, Kelly Kapowski on the show.  I always thought those two were such a nice couple.  I also don't understand why the guy goes by "Mark-Paul" instead of just, "Mark."  Even Tiffani eventually dropped the "Amber" from her name.  Maybe that's why things didn't work out between the two of them?  We've spent too much time on this, let's move on.

The one that got away? (pic via

Wait a second, I don't remember hearing that this could be the last season of How I Met Your Mother.  Do whatever it takes to make sure that's not the case, CBS!

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  I've been trying to find a way to describe today's motto, and as I wise man once said, "Change, nothin' stays the same, Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'."  I couldn't have said it better myself, so here's Van Halen to close things out with today's, "Song of the Day."


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It really was great to see you, as always.  Have a great day, and come back again for some more fun soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clutter, and we are outta here.


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