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Hi everyone, Happy Leap Day! Welcome to the day that just doesn't count. What's the plan for the day? The sky's the limit, because all bets are off on February 29th. The mind races with the possibilities. I see BDH and Little Buddha huddled in the corner whispering excitedly. That can't be good. Let's start this day of magic and wonder by grabbing a medium DD and clearing out some Clutter. Everyone good with that? Excellent, here we go... Mitt Romney lives to fight another day after winning yesterday's primaries in Arizona and his home state of Michigan. Rick Santorum... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. I swear, February is the fastest month of the entire year. I know it's only a few days shorter than every other month, but it always feels like it goes by in two weeks. Who has big plans for Leap Day tomorrow? 30 Rock says what happens on Leap Day doesn't count, and Tina Fey would never lead us astray, so I assume everyone will be going crazy, yes? Let's discuss that further, after we first grab a medium DD and clear out a little February 28th Clutter. It's official: Longtime Boston Red Sox catcher Jason... Read more →

Hi everyone, Come on in. How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think? Wait, we'll get to that in a second. First, make yourself comfortable, grab a medium DD, and let's start off the week with a little Monday Clutter. Rick Santorum's not backing down from his opposition to encouraging students to go to college. I would have said at one point that Santorum's favorite TV show must have been Leave it to Beaver, but that's too modern a show for him. Each time he speaks, it seems like he wants to take the country... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. I'm glad you all survived yesterday's wind gusts. The Clutter Tree is still standing tall outside, so BDH is much more relaxed today. Let's celebrate by grabbing a medium DD and clearing out some Sunday Clutter. Everyone ready? And we're off... Are GOP leaders already preparing for a loss this November? Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he's not going to save the party as a last-minute candidate. Rick Santorum is outraged that the Obama administration is pushing to make college more affordable. Who needs an educated workforce? That's where we're at now. A man running for... Read more →

Hi everyone, Holy windy Saturday! The Clutter Tree is swaying every which way, and BDH is worried it's going to blow away. We're trying to explain to him that it will be okay, but he seems anxious, poor guy. Well, make yourself comfortable, grab a medium DD, and let's see if we can power through some Clutter while still keeping an eye on the tree. Let's see, Mittens held a small event in Detroit's enormous Ford Field yesterday, where he pointed out how many Cadillacs his wife Ann owns. Other than that, it was a good day for the campaign.... Read more →

Bonus Song of the Day

Hi everyone, I'm feeling guilty about making Paris Hilton's latest disaster today's, "Song of the Day." That's no way to end the week. Friends don't do that to friends, and I like to think we're all friends here. You all deserve something better than that, and I want to make it up to you, so here's Pearl Jam singing, "Jeremy (Lin)" as today's bonus, "Song of the Day." I hope this makes up for my earlier lapse in judgment. Read more →

Hi everyone, Okay, let's have a show of hands, who thought yesterday was February 22nd? Just me? That's cool. Apparently I needed more coffee to be able to read the calendar correctly. However, there's no confusion over the fact that today is Friday, so grab yourself a medium DD, and let's wrap up the week with a little Clutter. Congratulations to Maryland for being on track to be the eighth state to approve marriage equality. The bill has passed the legislature, and Governor Martin O'Malley has said he will sign it. Of course, the soon-to-be-law will be challenged by the... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, how are you? We're (less than) a week away from Leap Day (someone can't do math), and Little Buddha's been trying to explain that concept to BDH all morning, but I don't think it's sinking in yet. Why don't we leave the two of them alone for now, grab a medium DD, and clear out some Clutter in the meantime. Sound good? Here we go... The GOP wrapped up their first season of Crazy Debates last night in Arizona. No more debates are currently scheduled, but maybe they'll convince everyone to come back for a post-season... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back to the house of randomness. What is with the weather? It was supposed to snow last night, but today's forecast calls for a high in the mid-50's. I have several meetings today, and my brain tells me that it's late February, so of course I need my winter jacket, but I don't if it's really going to be that warm. What to do? I'm having a brain cramp here. Okay, first things first. Grab a medium DD, then let's clear out some Clutter, and then I'll figure out what coat I need. Here we go... It... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. How was your weekend? The coffee is just about ready, so grab yourself a medium DD, and let's clear out a little Clutter. Without the Adelson family, Newt Gingrich would have returned to his "historian" roots months ago. A new poll shows Mitt Romney with a two point lead over Rick Santorum in Michigan as Mittens scrambles to avoid a potentially disasterous loss in his home state. I sometimes wonder how headline writers keep a straight face while they work. This article asks, "As Rick Santorum campaigns on faith, family issues, could he alienate moderates?" Do... Read more →