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Hi everyone,

How are you?  Come on in, and make yourself comfortable.  How's your week been?  Anything interesting going on?  Everyone at Clutter Headquarters is very excited to see that our 1000th post is coming up on Sunday.  We feel like we should throw a party or something.  But let's not think about that right now.  Let's stay in the moment, so grab yourself a nice medium DD, and we'll clear out some Thursday Clutter.

If I could give one piece of advice in life, it would be this, do not mess with Navy Seal Team Six.  Whether you are Osama Bin Laden (still dead, according to the State of the Union), or Somali pirates, it will not end well for you.

The State of the Union speech was popular with those who watched it.

The GOP presidential candidates debate again tonight, which is great, because voters clearly get upset when we go more than a day without a debate.   The main question is, will Newt Gingrich have a strong enough performance to hold off Mitt before next week's Florida primary?

The DNC would like to know exactly how much Mitt Romney had hidden in his "ordinary" Swiss bank account and why:


What happens next after the Florida primary?

Just in case you were worried, Michele Bachmann says she'll run for another term in Congress. 

Former WWE CEO/current Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon is in dangerous territory if her best rebuttal about how many pro wrestlers have died at a young age is that "only" five of them died while under contract with the WWE.

It's really hard to think of a dumber comment than East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo's response to how he would respond to several police officers being charged with violating the civil rights of several Latino members of his community.

The Federal Reserve won't be raising interest rates any time soon, so my savings account will continue to earn $1.15/year in interest.  Sweet.

In a win for public health, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the ordinance requiring adult film actors to wear condoms while filming movies in certain locations.  Now we'll see if the film companies follow through on their threats to move out of L.A.

The current Burger King ad says that the Whopper has a new best friend, which is the new fries.  My question is, who was the old best friend, and why did they get the boot?  Did the Whopper and the onion rings get into a fight over the chicken sandwich?  Have I thought too much about this?  Probably, let's move on.

In a world where all things are relative, it looks like the Boston Red Sox got a deal by signing Adrian Gonzalez when they did and not getting wrapped up in the Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols negotiations.  The seven years they signed Gonzalez for seems to be the right upper limit for a deal.  The nine and ten year deals that Fielder and Pujols signed are likely to come back to haunt the Detroit Tigers and Anaheim Angels near the end.

Would the Red Sox rather have pitcher Edwin Jackson over Roy Oswalt?  At age 28, Jackson is six years younger than Oswalt, so he could be a better investment over the long-term.

I think Tim Thomas made a bad call by skipping the Boston Bruins visit to the White House, but I sort of wonder if Red Sox management helped with this hit piece in yesterday's Boston Globe.  Is this the beginning of easing Timmy out the door?

Given that he's been a complete non-presence for the New England Patriots this year, how awesome would it be if Chad Ochocinco came through with a major play in the Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts hired their new head coach.  I wonder if anyone talked to Peyton Manning about this first.  My guess is that didn't happen.

Will CBS face a lawsuit from the BBC if they go forward with their own modern day version of Sherlock?  It sounds like there are a lot of potential legal questions here.  My advice is, when in doubt, side with the show that has a star named "Benedict Cumberbatch," because really, how can you not?

Congratulations to Community start Danny Pudi and his wife on the birth of their twins.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity for Community to come back from hiatus and sneak in a joke about this somewhere.

A new Showtime series takes a look at the hard work that goes into being a comedian.

Does anyone still watch CSI?

Would anyone still watch The Office if Rainn Wilson leaves for his own spinoff?  The show has already taken a hit without Steve Carrell, but really, why would you watch with no Dwight, right?  Conversely, would you watch a show that was primarily about Dwight? 

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Van Halen has released a 90 second preview of another song off their new album, "A Different Kind of Truth."  This one is called, "Blood and Fire," and judging by this clip, I would have made this the first single, but for now it will be today's, "Song of the Day."  Check it out:


Wait, what's this?  They've also released a preview of another song called, "Stay Frosty."  This snippet sounds like it's the sequel to their classic, "Ice Cream Man."  I can't wait for February 7th to get here.


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  We hope you enjoyed our time together as much as we did.  You know how much BDH, Little Buddha and I love to hang out with you.  Come back again soon, and we'll do this all over again.  For now, we're outta here.


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