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Hi everyone,

We at Clutter Headquarters have been doing our best not to talk about the big game because it seemed so far away.  However, we just can't wait any longer now that it's only seven days from now.  BDH is particularly excited because this is the first time he's ever seen this contest.  He's furiously studying the rosters, learning all the angles, and doing everything he can to be prepared.  Honestly, Little Buddha and I can't keep up with him.  He's been begging me to write about this for a week now, and I can't think of a better subject for the 1000th Clearing out the Clutter post than:


That's right, the 8th annual Puppy Bowl kicks off on February 5th at 3:00 on Animal Planet.  Friends, you know I love my Boston Red Sox, I love my Monty Python, and I love my Doctor Who, but there is no better two hours of television each year than watching these 10 puppies compete on the field of battle.  The "goal" is for them to drag their toy across the goal line, but it's a bonus when that happens.  It's mostly puppies playing with their toys, chasing after each other, and then getting distracted by the camera and running towards that instead.  Bonus points go to the guy who came up with the idea of putting a camera underneath the water dish.

It's simply impossible not to grin right from the opening moment with the line-ups are announced, as you'll see in this clip from Puppy Bowl VI:


 Now just because these puppies are the cutest things ever, don't think for a second they're not warriors.  Puppy Bowl isn't all fun and games, it can get pretty rough out there.  Just check out this clip from the classic Puppy Bowl III (a game still talked about at Clutter Headquarters) to see what I mean:



These guys need to take a break from the game at some point, though, and that's where the halftime show comes in!



For those of you who may be sensitive to these sorts of things, I should point out that Puppy Bowl can get a times:



Somehow in all of this confusion, the puppies do manage to get it together long enough to actually score touchdowns:


In all seriousness, the puppies in Puppy Bowl are all from shelters, and the real point of the show is to raise awareness about the number of dogs who need a good home.  We would house all of these little guys at Clutter Headquarters if we could (and BDH thinks that's the greatest idea he's ever heard), but they just won't fit.  

If you can't watch Puppy Bowl VII live, set your DVR now.  It plays all afternoon and evening on the 5th.  You won't be able to stop grinning, and it's for a good cause.  Tell them BDH sent you!


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