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Hi everyone, Come on in. I trust you all survived yesterday's snow okay? BDH and Little Buddha are busy right now (I'll explain in a minute), but make yourself comfortable, help yourself to a medium DD, and let's clear out a little Sunday Clutter. Sound like a plan? Here we go... Newt Gingrich came back from the dead, and fended off accusations from his ex-wife, to handily win the South Carolina primary with a double-digit win over Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum came in a distant third, and so how much time does he have left to make his case? The... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, we're glad you could make it. It was awfully kind of you to trek through the snow to join us today. BDH and Little Buddha are quietly staring out the window just watching the cars slowly move down the street and the Clutter Tree turning whiter. Let's not disturb them, so have a seat, here's your medium DD, and now let's get down to business. It's primary day in South Carolina, and Newt Gingrich looks ready to defeat Mitt Romney. No wonder Mittens sounds a little sad that this whole nomination process won't be wrapping up... Read more →

Friday Clutter

Hi everyone, Sorry we're late today. BDH wanted to go for a longer walk than usual because of the snow, and Little Buddha stopped to talk to every pretty woman who walked by. (It turns out he's a bit of a flirt.) However, we're ready to go, so grab yourself another medium DD, and let's clear out some Friday Clutter. Newt Gingrich took advantage of an opportunity to stick it to Mitt Romney by releasing his own tax returns before last night's debate. Gingrich and his wife paid over 31% in taxes which is more than twice what the Mittster... Read more →

Hi everyone, Come on in. I'm sorry it's so cold in here, I apparently turned the radiator down too far last night. I found BDH and Little Buddha buried under a blanket this morning. I've been apologizing to them ever since, but I'm not sure they're listening. However, the heat should be on soon, and I've just made some fresh coffee, so make yourself comfortable, grab a medium DD, and let's clear out a little Thursday Clutter. Mitt Romney is hoping to move everyone way from the fact that the multi-millionaire pays a tax rate of only 15% by revealing... Read more →

Hi everyone, Come on in, how are you? How's the week going so far? BDH and Little Buddha keep asking me how much longer it will be until the New England Patriots play the Baltimore Ravens. I tried to explain to them it's still four days away, but they don't really like that answer very much. I told them we should focus on enjoying a nice medium DD and clearing out some Clutter for now. That should keep them distracted for a little bit. Everyone ready? Here we go... Maybe, just maybe the reason Mitt Romney doesn't want to release... Read more →

Hi everyone, Come on in. Please take off your shoes, if you don't mind. We got just enough snow last night to remind me that it really is winter. BDH and Little Buddha want to go sledding, but I don't think there's enough snow for that, plus I have to find our sled. Before we do that, though, help yourself to a medium DD, and let's clear out a little Tuesday Clutter. The remaining GOP presidential candidates hit Mitt Romney on multiple issues at last night's South Carolina debate, but did they succeed at slowing him down at all? Rick... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. Come on in. Happy Martin Luther King Day to you all. It seems like it's been forever since we've hung out. How was your weekend? What a crazy bunch of football games, huh? I'm a baseball and Red Sox fan first, but nothing beats the excitement of the NFL playoffs. BDH and Little Buddha were so revved up from the Giants beating the Packers, they were up late, which means so was yours truly, so why don't we all grab a nice medium DD to help us wake up and clear out a little Clutter? Sound... Read more →

It's early Sunday morning now, so BDH, Little Buddha and I thought this would be an appropriate time to briefly mention Clutter's favorite Bible verse. Tim Tebow can keep John 3:16. Clutter 45:10 says Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the rest of the New England Patriots are preparing for the AFC championship game next Sunday, and that's the bottom line...(more later.) Here we go again! (pic via Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. Come on in. Did you survive Friday the 13th without major incident, like say, a guy in a hockey mask trying to kill you? Fantastic. What's the plan for the day? I know, it's still a few hours before the New England Patriots put an end to Tebow Time. BDH and Little Buddha are all decked out in their Patriots jerseys and chanting, "Hey ho, Tebow has got to go" over and over. (I know it's a little crazy, but it keeps them out of trouble for now.) We have some time to kill, so why... Read more →

Hi everyone, It's Friday the 13th, but let's not focus on that right now. It's time to grab a medium DD and clear out a little Friday Clutter! How long will it take the GOP presidential candidates to start accusing President Obama of covering up the existence of his sons? President Obama is sometimes accused of being hard to relate to. Recognizing this, he's taken steps to adjust his communications with the American people. I think this should help him going forward between now and November (via Comedy Central). (By the way, this is totally NSFW): As she works to... Read more →