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Hi folks,

It's a day ending in the letter "y," so it must be time to clear out some Clutter.  Let's take a peek and see what we've got going on today.  Hold on, I'm just waiting for BDH to finish making the coffee...ok, he's back, let's begin.

It took a little while, but the Boston Red Sox finally won their first game on the road, beating the Oakland A's 5-3, thanks to home runs by Kevin Youkilis, JD Drew, and the almighty Jed Lowrie who continues to hit his way into the starting line-up.  Carl Crawford continues to show signs of warming up at the plate with an RBI single for a 1 for 4 day.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere.  Next up, the Los Angeles Anaheim California Angels.  Not a bad way to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Fenway Park.  I'm sure that it will also shock each and every one of you to know that the plans for Fenway's 100th anniversary sound pretty cool to me so far.  I know, I just blew your mind.  I'll give you a minute to recover before we move on...

I rarely find something to praise Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig about, but I have to tip my hat to his decision to take financial control of the Los Angeles Dodgers away from owner Frank McCourt.  This team is a mess, due to McCourt's ugly divorce from his wife Jamie, and it's a good move by Selig to step in to save the franchise.  Commissioner Selig should get a bonus round of applause for not letting these jokers buy the Red Sox.  The tickets would be more expensive, and Salty would be the best player on the team.

The government finally scraps the rainbow color terrorism alert system and replaces it with a two word option:  run and hide.

Why are we talking about a "holy war" in Iowa of all places?

Who does Hustler publisher/noted presidential historian Larry Flynt claim was the most sexually promiscuous president?  I'll give you a hint, it's not Jimmy Carter.

I'm not sure I understand why Taco Bell is pushing for an apology from the law firm who sued them over their "beef" filling.  Good for you for making the suit go away, but why would you want to prolong a public discussion about what goes into your food products?  Maybe the filling is "beef," and maybe it's not, but there's no one who thinks it's healthy.  You decide you want a burrito from Taco Bell, you know what you're getting into.  There's no need to discuss it.  No good can come from that.  I have a bit of a stomach ache just thinking about it.

Michigan police are accused of stealing drivers' phone data.  Is this something other states are doing?

Just one more reason I don't have an iPhone (apart from being cheap and not nearly cool enough for one):  I don't need "Big Brother" Steve Jobs to know where I am at all times.

If you're one of those uptight people who has a problem with rat droppings when you travel, Delta might not be the airline for you.

This is interesting, a new study shows that diet can help solders dealing with brain injuries.

Ok, Clutterheads, it's time for a gut check.  Where do you stand?

Good for teen star Demi Lovato for coming out and admitting she's bipolar.  As I said when Catherine Zeta-Jones recently revealed the same thing, it's great when famous people can put a public face on mental health issues and reduce the stigma attached to them.  At the same time, there's a tiny part of me that's wondering if this is a start of bipolarism becoming a "trendy" health issues for celebrities.  All I'm saying is that Nicholas Cage better not be the next star to reveal this.

I'm relieved to hear that "Weird Al" and Lady Gaga worked things out.  I didn't actually know they had a problem to begin with, but I hate when artists fight, so now I won't have to start to worry about it.  Winning!

What are the odds that Charlie Sheen's two year-old twins won't be complete train wrecks by the time they're say, 16?  You know, I wish the best for them and all, but really, is it a 20% chance?  30% seems too high to me, no pun intended.  Maybe the better question is, how old will they be when they get their own reality show?  I'll set the over/under at 15.  What do you think?

Ok, kids, that's going to do it for today.  Now that peace has been restored throughout the land, why don't we have Weird Al take us out with a tribute to paradise for today's, "Song of the Day."  Have a good one my friends, and don't forget, when in doubt while taking a standardized test, pick "C."  Later.





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