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Friday Clutter

Here I go Again Clutter

Hi folks.

This Clutter comes to you in the window where the medium iced DD with milk and sugar has long worn off, and the Sam Adams Summer Ale has not yet begun to be enjoyed.  It's a bit of Clutter purgatory.  Let's see where it takes us, shall we?

  • I can't tell a lie, yesterday's Clutter didn't do the trick at all.  I finally stopped humming "Seventeen" by Winger, but then couldn't get "Madalaine" out of my head.  Oh, Kip Winger, you and your catchy pop songs.  I shake my fist at you, but yet continue to whistle anyway.  (By the way, welcome to all of you who are visiting Clutter via Paul Gargano's blog.  Make yourselves at home!)
  • A tip of the hat to retiring SJC Chief Justice Margaret Marshall who wrote the landmark decision legalizing same sex marriage in Massachusetts.  May you enjoy your time with your husband, Madam Justice.  The Commonwealth will be fortunate if Governor Patrick's nominee to fill your seat has half the courage and sense of fairness you demonstrated on the Court.
  • I've always wanted someone on Dr. Who to write a scene or two showing what happens to the Doctor and his companions between their adventures, and it looks like I'm finally about to get my wish.
  • The Red Sox need two things.  1) They need their starters to get off the freaking disabled list asap.  There's no doubt about that.  2) They need everyone to just calm down before we talk about whether or not the season is over.   Deep breaths, everyone.
  • Ok, that's going to do it for me.  I've been sitting all afternoon, and apparently that's not cool.  So let's have Winger guitar player take us out with another classic from another band.  Apparently Reb did a little stint with the mighty mighty Whitesnake in 2005-6, so ladies and gentleman, I give you today's, "Song of the Day!"



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