What's That in the Mirror?

I Can Feel Change in the Air

When your head is literally as big as mine is, there’s room for many thoughts to bounce off the walls. Some of them are complete, some of them are connected to useful concepts, but many are just random clutter, so I’m going to write the occasional thought here to help with the ongoing organizational issues inside my head. I invite you to take this trip with me. It could be productive, or it could be closer to a car crash. Let’s find out.

Change and the Red Sox

I hate change. Always have, probably always will. I understand that change is necessary, and change can be productive, but I have a physical reaction to it which is usually a slight twinge in the back of my head or the back of my neck. I felt it today when the Red Sox traded Justin Masterson to the Cleveland Indians for Victor Martinez. I like Masterson, but it’s not like I’m his biggest fan, and I know he’s a good price to pay for
Martinez. However, watching Masterson’s final interview on NESN, I felt that twinge. Someday someone will explain the twinge to me, because it’s annoying.

On a different note, I understand that the Red Sox are now receiving Federal stimulus dollars. They’re improving the job scene in
Boston by hiring everyone they can to play first base. I expect to announce my own contract signing within the week. I played first for two years in Little League. I’m sure I’ll pick it right up again.


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