Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? I was just talking to BDH and Little Buddha about the dreams I had last night. My subconscious was clearly trying to tell me something, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about it. The guys said we'll continue that conversation after we're done here, but the coffee is ready, so it's time to get to work. Fair enough. Help yourself to a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Wednesday Clutter. British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan was crushed in the House of Commons by a vote of... Read more →

It's hard to believe that January 15 marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of the late singer Dolores O'Riordan. That went by in a blur. Her bandmates in The Cranberries marked the event by releasing a new song called "All Over Now," which is off of their upcoming final album, In The End, which will be out on April 26. According to Rolling Stone, the group began working on the record before O'Riordan's passing and decided to continue with it after her death (with her family's blessing.) "All Over Now" sounds like peak Cranberries, and it's a fitting tribute... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. How are you? We're good on this end. I keep looking at the weather forecast for the rest of the month, and BDH and Little Buddha keep telling me to limit it to 1-3 days, since everything after that keeps changing anyway. Fair enough. They also suggest that I focus on the fact that they just made coffee. These two really know how to keep things in perspective. There's a fresh pot on the counter, so help yourself to a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Tuesday Clutter.... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, and a happy Monday to you all. We hope you had a great weekend. What's on your schedule for today? Our big errand is bringing the car in for an oil change. That shouldn't be a big deal, right? Here's hoping that's all it needs. I'm going to need a few extra layers to stay warm while I wait, because I think it will be about 17 degrees outside at that point. BDH and Little Buddha also suggest coffee. As it turns out, they just made a pot, so help yourself to a nice medium DD,... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! Come on in, have a seat. It's currently 6 degrees outside, so we're particularly thankful that our heat works. "Trying to stay in the moment" is a constant goal for me, but at the same time, I'm almost ready to start counting the weeks until winter is over (even though we haven't had much snow yet.) Bring on the baseball and gardening, you know? However, even March 1 is still almost seven weeks away, so I guess we'll focus on today instead. The first thing we'll pay attention to is that BDH and Little Buddha made... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back, and a happy Friday to you all. Have you ever had a week that went by too quickly? I know, the problem is usually the opposite, but it really seems like it was Monday two minutes ago. It's to the point that I almost feel like I lost a week, which is a little unnerving. BDH and Little Buddha think it's just because I was busy all week. They've offered to sit down for some quiet time later today with just the three of us and the Clutter Tree, and I may take them up on... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? Everyone here is fine at the moment. It's a good thing we were able to take care of the shoveling yesterday, because that was the heavy wet stuff that could have been a real problem if it froze, particularly the stretch where it came crashing off the roof. BDH and Little Buddha said I did a great job, and they were more than happy to cheer me on while they watched out the window. It doesn't appear that snow should be an issue again for a few days, although the forecast for the... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back! How are you? It looks a little messy outside at the moment, so I'm not sure what that means for today's schedule. We just heard a low rumble, and then things started shaking. Earthquake, you ask? Nah, it's just the snow crashing off the roof into the driveway. Might have to bust out the industrial strength shovel...or we could wait to see how the upcoming rain impacts it....which probably means it would turn into a mound of ice. Hmm, oh well, we'll deal with that later. In the meantime, BDH and Little Buddha say the coffee... Read more →

Monty Python's Flying Circus first aired on the BBC in 1969, and comedy would never be the same again. Five Brits from Cambridge and Oxford teamed up with one American to break all the rules and create their own distinctly intelligent, surreal, and silly skits linked together by Terry Gilliam's offbeat animation pieces. This group created an underground television hit in the United Kingdom before eventually bringing their antics to the big screen and the United States, where they maintain a devoted following some 50 years later. There's no one better qualified to discuss Monty Python than the group members... Read more →

This may come as a shock, but it's been 20 years since the world met Tony Soprano. That's right, the New Jersey crime boss/befuddled family man first walked into psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi's office on January 10, 1999, and television would never be the same again. Once you've recovered from that news, we take great pleasure in informing you that you can celebrate the anniversary of the series premiere by grabbing a copy of The Sopranos Sessions, by Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall (with a forward by Laura Lippman.) (Release date: January 8, 2019) This book is a delight, and... Read more →