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Hi everyone,

Welcome back, and a happy Friday to you all.  Yesterday was a bit of an adventure at Clutter Headquarters.  One of our older kitchen pipes is apparently crumbling, and the plumbers had to rip a large hole in the wall so they can get at it today.  The hole is currently covered up, but BDH and Little Buddha keep wandering over there to see what the fuss is about, and I have to keep them away so they don't get lost in there.  Oh, little ones, always curious.  We can't use the sink right now, so those two went out and got a large Box O'Joe from Dunkin Donuts instead.  Hey, we're not going to let a little home repair get in the way of our fun!  So, help yourself to a cup of coffee, and let's wrap up the week with a little Clutter, while I keep them out of the kitchen.

The 2012 Boston Red Sox will not go 162-0 this year.  I know, we're all disappointed about that.  However, let's not get too freaked out about yesterday's 3-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers.  There's no shame in struggling against Tigers ace pitcher Justin Verlander, (who's not bad, in case you didn't know), and Boston starter Jon Lester held his own against the guy for seven innings.   The Boston bats came alive in the top of the 9th, but the bullpen couldn't hold the tie.  I know, I know, we're all worried about the closer situation, but let's get a few games under our belt before we start ranting.  Besides, the Sox still have a chance to go 161-1.

This cracks me up:  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is telling President Obama to lay off the U.S. Supreme Court and to let the do their job while they debate the Affordable Care Act?  Said McConnell:

"Let the court do its work. Let our system work the way it was intended. The stability of our system and our laws and our very government depends on it."

Give me a break.  As if ripping the judicial system at every turn hasn't been a fundamental component of the GOP's political strategy since at least the 1980's?  These guys start twitching if they can't blurt out, "activist judges" at least once every five minutes, and suddenly they claim to respect the process?  What frauds.  Said McConnell:

"The American people should be able to expect that their president will defend the independence of the court, not undermine it."

I just threw up in my mouth a bit.  Let's move on.

The head of the RNC is equating women with caterpillars.  That sounds about right.  The obvious difference being the GOP isn't seeking to restrict the rights of caterpillars at every possible turn, so I guess we know who they like better.

It already seems like Mitt Romney is working through some issues with his father via this campaign, and we know there's a deep-rooted need to be loved that comes through with his willingness to say absolutely anything to get a vote, but how much self-loathing must be also involved for him to be attacking President Obama for spending "too much time" at Harvard, when Mittens has a JD and MBA from Harvard, and was there for longer than Obama?

Let's all take a moment to thank Google for working towards a future where you can clear out the Clutter without a computer.

It's hard to imagine how suspended ex-New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is ever going to get back into the NFL after the release of a tape that quotes him urging his players to injure San Francisco 49ers players before last season's playoff game.  One of the targeted players was Kyle Williams.  I had no idea Kyle's father is Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams.  It sounds like Kenny and Gregg will probably never be in the same room together.

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy to Magic star Dwight Howard:  I know it was you, Dwight.  I know it was you who asked the team owners to fire me.  You broke my heart.

Fredo michael
Betrayal is awkward.  (pic via

RIP Jim Marshall, the inventor of the guitar amps (bearing his name) which are largely responsible for that classic hard rock "wall of sound" noise.  Marshall was 88 years old.

Rumor has it that Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg are all leaving SNL after this season.  Initial reaction?  Eh, life goes on.  Going in reverse order, Samberg is pretty funny, Sudeikis is a solid journeyman, and Clutter's never been a fan of Wiig.  The three of them have been on the show for a while now, so if this is story is true, best of luck, and who's next?

Good luck with your future endeavors.  (pic via

I'm glad to hear that the producers of the Bully documentary were able to come to a compromise with the MPAA ratings board that enables the movie to receive a PG-13 rating so more kids can see it.

Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  There's probably no better way for us to pay tribute to Jim Marshall's work than by highlighting it in today's, "Clip of the Day," where we all learned that going up to 11 is better than 10:


Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you as always.  Have a good Friday, and you know you're welcome to hang out here more if you want.  I could always use more help keeping BDH and Little Buddha out of the kitchen until the plumbers are done.  Otherwise, come back soon, and we'll do this all over again.  Until next time, that's the Clutter, and we are outta here.


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