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Hi everyone,

A very happy April Fool's Day to you all.  Let there be no doubt, this is no joke.  Grab yourself a nice medium DD, and let's clear out some Sunday Clutter.

Does Gabrielle Giffords have her eye on a future comeback? 

Keith Olbermann will be on The Late Show this Tuesday to talk about his firing from Current TV.  It's expected he will take full blame for being impossible to work with and will vow to reform his ways.  Just kidding, he's totally going to blame everything on Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

If Blackberry maker Research in Motion sells itself, will the company who buys it give me a new phone?

Bobby Valentine is expected to finally announce the 4th and 5th members of the Red Sox starting rotation today.

Congratulations to Joe Castiglione on his 30th year as the Boston Red Sox radio announcer.  I bet his new book, "Can You Believe That," is a fun read (in case any of you are looking for a present for me for some reason.)

Opening Day is four days away!

Lin-sanity seems to have run its course, as New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin will be out for six weeks after needing knee surgery.

A high school classmate of Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano is accused of asking for money and a SUV in exchange for not revealing his supposed three-year relationship with the pitcher.  I have no idea what the story is here, but it will be a great day when the idea of being a gay athlete can't be used as an extortion threat. 

It's April 1st, 2012, which can only mean one thing:  It's time for Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.  It's the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, the biggest stage of them all, the granddaddy of sports entertainment, the show of a generation, in the words of the vice-president, it's a big f'ing deal.  The two matches that you need to know about are John Cena v. The Rock, and The Undertaker looking to go 20-0 at Wrestlemania, as he takes on HHH.  

Rock cena
It's once in a lifetime (unless it's not).  (pic via

Let's take Undertaker/HHH first.  There's no way the Undertaker's been booked to lose this match, even though he's going against the future owner of the company.  His streak has become the biggest draws of this pay-per-view.  It will be a competitively-planned match, with many close calls, but if there's one thing you can ever really bet on in pro wrestling, it's The Dead Man getting the win, and likely disappearing for another year again like he did after Wrestlemania 27.  The man's had a 20+ year career, and his list of injuries is insane.  We've talked about the issue of injuries in wrestling before, but we might have to revisit it again down the line.

That leaves John Cena v. The Rock.  It's the current king of the WWE vs. one of the all time legends, who also happens to be a major movie star now.  24 hours ago, I would have said the business dictates that Cena wins, because he'll still be wrestling on a regular basis after today, whereas The Rock flies off to film his next movie.  However, now I have no idea what the outcome will be, because word on the street has former pro wrestling/UFC champion Brock Lesnar making his return to the WWE.  Lesnar's been spotted in Miami, and it seems clear that he'll make an impact tonight (assuming his contract details are worked out).  He "seems" to have a beef with the Undertaker, but it seems more likely he's interfering in this match, and my guess is it's setting up a story with John Cena, so...forget what I said about having no idea what the outcome will be.  I'm betting Rock wins, with Brock's help.  Who knows, maybe the two of them reunite in a few months to form the "Rock and Brock Connection."  I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Let's move on.

Welcome back, Brock.  (pic via

It sounds like Chevy Chase would be fine with leaving Community  any time now.  I've got no problem with that, as long as it means more scenes for Alison Brie.  Actually, I have no problem with that anyway. 

Speaking of Ms. Brie, she plays Emily Blunt's sister in the new movie, The Five-Year Engagement.  Now this is a tough call.  Watching her on the big screen vs. having no other desire whatsoever to see the movie.  Yeah, going to take a pass here, I'm not going to watch her in just "anything." However, Mad Men is on in a few hours, so that should be good.


The proposed sequel to Twins is called Triplets, and it would star Aahhnold, Danny DeVito and...Eddie Murphy?  Who really thinks this is a movie that needs to be made?

Jenna Fischer's new movie, The Giant Mechanical Man," looks interesting:


Okay kids, that's going to do it for now.  Someone I follow on Twitter mentioned the band Glass Tiger yesterday.  Do you remember them?  After watching this video, I knew we'd have to have them end today's Clutter.  Check out this hair, these outfits, the choreography, and how extremely happy they look to be in front of the camera.  It's 1986 awesomeness and it's today's, "Song of the Day."  (For bonus points, can you name the pop star who provides the backing vocals?)


Oh, that's good stuff.  Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  It was great to see you as always.  Have a great day, try not to fall for any April Fool's Day jokes (I'm sure BDH and Little Buddha have something in store for me), and we'll meet here again for more fun, randomness, and big hair soon.  Until next time, that's today's Clutter, and don't forget about us while we're gone.


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