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2011 Best of Clutter #1: A Tree

We've finally reached the end of our countdown, and there was never any doubt that this would be #1 on the list. BDH, Little Buddha and I get the majority of the attention in Clutter, but the Clutter Tree is also a vital member of our little family. He stands out there day after day, night after night, providing the comfort that the rest of us need to clear out the randomness on a regular basis. We close out 2011 by once again paying tribute to a beloved tree. Thanks for being with us for another year of Clutter, my... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome to the final regular Clutter of 2011! We still have the #1 Clutter post to reveal later today, but this is our last look at the day's headlines for the year. Come on in, make yourself comfortable, and grab a nice hot medium DD as we get down to business one more time. BDH and Little Buddha, are you ready? Everyone else ready? Okay, here we go... Score another win for the consumer this year as Verizon Wireless realized that their plan to charge customers $2.00 for paying their bills online or by phone was a lousy... Read more →

2011 Best of Clutter #2: Ironclad Karma

One of the most challenging parts of 2011 was repeatedly feeling like good people were being punished while bad people were being rewarded. I believe in karma, but it's got some major holes in it at times. Originally published: 1/14/11 How much different would the world be if bad things only happened to bad people? I mean, to have it be an ironclad rule: Have a good heart and know that nothing bad will happen to you. Wouldn't that make everything so much easier? You're a good person? Only good things for you. You're a bad person? Bring on the... Read more →

Hi everyone, Come on in. We're down to the final weekday of the year, where does the time go? BDH is excited for New Year's eve, since it's his first one. Little Buddha has gone through this drill many times, but he's doing a great job handling BDH. Me, I'm just looking for another cup of coffee, so why don't we grab a medium DD and clear out a little Clutter? "Man of the People" Mitt Romney compares President Obama to Marie Antoinette, because when one thinks of a politician who connects with the everyday voter, one thinks of the... Read more →

2011 Best of Clutter #3: Have a Sense of Where You Are

This is one of my great daily obsessions. The world would be so much better off if people would take more time to think about their impact on others and what they can do to make that as positive as possible, whether they know the other people or not. Originally published: 5/19/11 I owe a huge debt that I can never repay to a man named Dan. I can't tell you a whole lot about Dan. I know what he looked like, and I know a handful of anecdotes about him, but I never met the man. He died before... Read more →

Thursday Clutter

Hi everyone, Happy Thursday to you all. Nice to see you again. We've only got three days left in 2011, so what's the plan? I always feel like I should be doing something big at the end of the year, but then I blink twice, and it's January 1st. BDH and Little Buddha are very excited for New Year's Eve, because it means they get to stay up later than usual. Anyway, the coffee is ready, so grab yourself a medium DD, and let's get to clearing out some Clutter. We're going to be doing a little housecleaning at Clutter... Read more →

2011 Best of Clutter #4: Is Charlie Sheen My Fault?

I'm glad to see that Charlie Sheen is still alive, but the point remains the same. We build celebrities up, and encourage their excess and inexcusable behavior, so we can then enjoy tearing them down and judging them so that we feel better about ourselves. Originally published: 2/28/11 I think Charlie Sheen will likely die this year, and I'm worried it's my fault. You can't go anywhere right now without hearing some mention of Charlie Sheen's current meltdown. He's in the newspaper, on the radio, on television, and on the Internet. God is it on the Internet. It's probably the... Read more →

Hi everyone, Welcome back. Did you have the same crazy wind we had here last night? The Clutter Tree was swaying all over the place, but he hung in there like a trooper. What are you up to for the final few days of 2011? Tell us all about it while we enjoy a medium DD and clear out a little Wednesday Clutter. U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) announced that he will not run for re-election in 2012. Is there any Democrat besides former Senator Bob Kerrey who could hold onto this seat, or is Nelson retiring because it's a... Read more →

Santa decided I've been nice this year after all. It ended up not taking me that long to find the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special online, and it was like opening a bonus Christmas present. As we've discussed, the hard part about being a fan of this show is that there are so few episodes each year, and there's such a long wait between seasons. The flip side is that it makes you really appreciate each show, and the Christmas specials feel like a true treat. This story was much smaller than a typical adventure. There was "only" one family... Read more →

2011 Best of Clutter #5: Scene from a Lemonade Stand

This was by far one of the happiest scenes of the year for me, and it was worth every penny: Originally published: 4/30/11 I learned an important life lesson years ago. I forget where I read it, I suspect it was in a Robert Fulghum story, but it's absolutely true: You should aways buy lemonade from kids at a lemonade stand. Do it even if you don't want lemonade, even if you don't like lemonade, or even if you have to cross the street and walk a block out of your way to get to the stand. It sounds like... Read more →